Thai Silk

There is always a story to tell… and our story is simply understandable through the word “Sustainability”

Napat-Naphan established a team of artisans whose objective is to sustain the tradition of Thai silk weaving. We deliberately work with the villagers – providing knowledge base about a market trend and set up a standard operating procedure. Presently, a piece of Thai silk fabric is being woven upon weavers’ availabilities, no daily working hours, no production consistency, as a result, it does not make villagers earn adequate income. So, we, Napat-Naphan, created our own production lines with those villagers, to make Thai silk become more sustainable by exporting to anyone who values an authentic handwoven fabric while appreciating a beauty of it.

Our silk weaving centres produce the finest Thai silk fabric in the Kingdom of Thailand.  And most importantly, its great looms have significantly created alluring brocaded silk which are known for their delicate, vivid and pastel colours; the silk yarns are naturally dyed from plants, flowers, seeds, fruits and Thai herbs.

The brocaded Thai silk is the most exquisite piece of silk textile that has been used among the royal family members for many centuries.  It is also favoured by the aristocracy. Brocading silk is accomplished by weaving the horizontal threads (the weft) over the vertical threads (the warp) that requires the extreme expertise and patience of all the various silk weaves, though the price can be as high as it gets, which depends on a difficulty in weaving a pattern and its exclusivity.

Each design not only reveals its uniqueness that reflects a true identity of each province, but it also tells a story of the people in each locality, in terms of their culture, tradition and lifestyle.

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